AMERICAN PATRIOTISM s a patriotic activity book, complete with facts and fun-filled activities. During this crucial time in history when American values take a prominent spot in current events, the topic of patriotism is often neglected at home, school, church and even in the community. Consequently, kids often have a simplistic view of what it means to be a patriot and are rarely given the opportunity to explore their American heritage.

As a veteran teacher, I have taken the initiative to raise the level of awareness on how and why Americans celebrate United States holidays, what national symbols represent, how music plays a celebratory role in our nation's history and how our country's past is linked to our future. My primary intention is to speak to the heart-rending needs of those who want to know what it means to be an informed patriot and to live in a free country. My desire is to guide others through education, appreciation and respect that stems from an introspective journey through my own patriotism.