My name is Audrey J. Adair. Iím an author who composes music, and Iím also an educator. I write books and create instrumental music and childrenís songs. My road to becoming an author started when I began creating work sheet activities to reinforce concepts and skills while teaching students music theory.

When I began my music teaching career, no follow-up music theory lessons were available. Realizing that other teachers could benefit from what I had developed, I wrote a query letter to an editor whose signature was on an advertisement for a music book that I had received in the mail. A reply came from Tom Power at Parker Publishing Company, the professional division for Prentice Hall, now called Pearson Learning. Tom Power became my first editor, and he must have had the patience of Job as he guided me to compile seven volumes of worksheet activity sheets into one book. Also, because elementary school music classes werenít always taught by a music teacher, I needed to revise and simplify many of the activities to accommodate the classroom teacher.

My first collection of 200 reproducible worksheets evolved into the Ready-to-Use Music Activities Kit that was the first of its kind on the market. It also became an all-time best seller for Parker Publishing Companyís Music Educators Book Club. In addition, the 'Ready-to-Use' expression that originated with my book is still popular phrasing in titles by other non-fiction authors.

My next writing project, published by Parker Publishing Company, was Music Curriculum Activities Library, a series of seven units featuring 350 stimulating activity sheets to develop basic music concepts and skills in grades 3-8. Then Parker published START with SONG! 201 Ready-to-Use Interdisciplinary Activities for Young Learners.

Years ago I had mastered my skill as a music educator. I continue to apply those skills that I learned over a lifetime of teaching music and being a classroom teacher. With both the drive and persistence, I used my unique set of abilities to develop half-page, follow-up lessons for recorder class called The Complete Recorder Class Companion, Units I and II, that will be released in 2020 and available on Amazon.

My interest in song writing began years ago during music classes while providing students examples of pitch direction, dynamics and tempo. I realized I could easily make up a tune for any kind of example required. My first song writing evolved when I was directing the childrenís choir at my church. Other than creating compositions in college, I began composing a series of unison Bible-based songs focusing on the liturgical year. Since then Iíve composed more than a hundred childrenís songs, many for SWD (Students with Disabilities). At some point Iíll get those published.

My songwriting comes easily, like writing a childrenís story. With my songs, for example, if I have a theme, a descriptive word, or a concept, I can compose a tune in a few minutes. The words and music just seem to flow. I am never at a loss for a song to write. Last summer, for example, I composed over twenty bedtime songs and lullabies to sing to the wee ones in my life.

My first published songs are now for sale on Amazon. Included are a series of ten stand-alone song books for soprano recorders, called EZ-PZ DUETS. The collection includes books with songs that Iíve composed and those that Iíve arranged. In addition, Iím delighted to share that two of the ten are …tudes. These easy studies in the form of duets use one to three pitches for the beginner recorder player with an intermediate part for the teacher or for a more advanced student. To accompany the student duet books Iíve added an essential guidebook, called Teaching …tudes, that goes hand in hand with the student 20 …tudes VOL 1 & 2. Iím also thrilled that my EZ-PZ DUETS for flutes will be released in 2020 on Amazon.

My early life was pretty normal for the times. I was born in Ladysmith, Wisconsin and grew up and worked on our family dairy farm. As a child I studied music from an early age, taking piano and flute lessons, and later voice lessons. My mother was my first piano teacher. Then I took from an itinerant teacher, and when I was in the eighth grade I began taking piano and voice lessons at the local college. Although, I studied piano since I was five, flute was my favorite instrument. I played the flute beginning in the fourth grade and was always first chair in the high school band and excelled in solo-ensemble contests.

As a kid, my life was also filled with a variety of other activities ranging from 4-H to Luther League, and I was always performing for church services, school programs, family gatherings, and for friends. In addition, I was a member of our HS debate team and enjoyed public speaking events.

After graduating from St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN, with a B.A. degree in music education, I began my career as a music teacher. My role mainly focused on teaching general music K-8, including classes for gifted and talented students and those with moderate to severe disabilities, along with directing childrenís choirs. I also received an elementary education certificate from the University of Houston and was a classroom teacher for a time.

After my first nine music activity books were published, I raised my daughter and son and continued a full-time career as a music educator. However, publishing my future works got stalled in the process. Then after I retired from teaching, I still wanted to make a significant contribution to young musicians. Now I finally have the time to dedicate to what gives me passion and provides me with internal motivation and great joyócomposing and writing. When I'm doing neither, I can be found playing tennis, creating new spicy vegan recipes, dancing, performing, volunteering, wandering the globe with my partner, or visiting my grandchildren, who are the joy of my life. Currently I reside in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area and work together with my partner, Walter D. Lazear, a fellow musician, tennis player, and technical editor for my books and music.