Besides my fierce passions for writing and composing, Iím multi-passionate about performing music, cooking vegan food, playing tennis, and traveling.

My mother named me after her favorite movie star, AudreyHepburn, now my favorite old-time movie star.

I can compose a tune anytime, anywhere.

My grandchildren are the joy of my life.

My Basic Music Theory book from the series Music Curriculum Activities Library was shown on TV as a prop for an episode of Law and Order. (See photo.)

My favorite board game is checkers.

I share my birthday (same day, same month, same year — born in different states) with the coolest guy in the world, my partner — Walter D. Lazear.

In preparation for the Orange Bowl Marathon I ran in an eighteen-mile race, not realizing why I was so exhausted. The next week I found out I was pregnant.

As a token of appreciation for being a judge for the Miss Miami Beach beauty pageant, I was given the key to the city, designed as gold cufflinks.

FACT #10
I wore my motherís raccoon coat all through college. ĎOn the Hillí the winters were cold — no cars allowed!

FACT #11
As a kid I was called Leftie for pitching curve balls at our neighborhood softball games. In college I was called Murf. My new roommate stitched the name on my freshmen beanie, and Murf stuck with me even after graduation.

FACT #12
I was part owner/operator of the Showtime Dinner Theatre in Fort Lauderdale, FL in
the 70s.